Dress Code

Dress and Presentation Standards:

The Liquor Act 1992 provides that Entry and Service of Alcohol can be refused to any person without explanation.

Admission to this Venue is entirely at the discretion of Security Personnel. Intending patrons must meet minimum standards of Dress, Presentation and Behaviour.

Persons with Facial, Neck, Hand Tattoos, Mohawks or other Extreme Hairstyles, Unkempt Beards, Suitcases, Large Bags, Large Satchels, Parcels, Face Coverings (including fancy dress) or ‘Bum Bags’ will not be admitted.

Sportswear will not be permitted. (This includes runners, sneakers, or athletic shoes of any kind).

Gentlemen are required to be wearing a collared shirt, shorts will not be admitted.

Please note we do undertake random Metal Detection.

Please note that we may ask to inspect large handbags, prams, wheelchairs and mobility devices.

Customer Code of Conduct

Customers are expected to conduct themselves properly at all times, in and around the venue, and not do, or cause to happen, any action which would pose a threat to the safety or well-being of other customers or staff, or which would constitute a risk to the long term viability or good name of the business.

Customers are to:

a) Be respectful to other customers, management, staff and security;

b) Adhere to reasonable directions or requests from staff, management and or security;

c) Be appropriately attired at all times as per venue requirements.

Customers are not to:

a) Engage in activities which could be seen as a danger to themselves or others;

b) Threaten or intimidate other customers, staff, management or security;

c) Engage in physical violence;

d) Sell or consume illicit drugs on the premises;

e) Engage in any illegal activity on the premises.